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Meme, memety meme.

The 30 Day Doctor Who Meme
Well, the first day was fun; let's try the second day, shall we?

Day 01 - Your Favorite Quote

Day 02 - Your Favorite Classic Series Episode
Surprisingly, my favorite Classic Series episode (my two favorites, actually, and maybe my three favorites) don't come from the era of my favorite Classic Doctor, who is Three. All three come from the era of the Fourth Doctor.
  1. In terms of quality (my own highly personal rules, of course), I have to go with "The Invasion of Time" (4 Feb. – 11 March 1978.) Put simply, this six-part serial was heavy on misdirection and  political intrigue, well-written enough to make me swallow the heavily-solarized tinfoil red-herring villains and the eventual Sontarans, and even made me believe, for argument's sake if nothing else,  in Leela's fighting skills (make no mistake, I love Louise Jameson; it's just that I loved her more in "Tenko.")  More importantly, Tom Baker's performance kept me guessing even when I knew I I didn't have to guess. His conversations with John Arnatt's Chancellor Borusa are witty and Machiavellian, and watching them was when the light bulb went on over my head; if you had smart writing, excellent actors and decent direction, it didn't matter one little bit if the other production values were made of cheese slices and rubbing alcohol. And that, children, is when I also realized that I loved the BBC with a great, epic, and unbreakable love.
  2. In terms of sheer bravura outrageousness? It has to be "The Pirate Planet" (30 Sept.– 31 Oct. 1978) because it dared to be stupid. No, not because it was written by Douglas Adams, because I never used to pay attention to who wrote the stories, and I hadn't read or watched "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe" at that point. (Additionally, a little Adams goes a very, very, very, very, very, very long way for me, so even had I known it was him ... well, enough about that.) The Captain's outfit, the Captain's parrot, and the Captain's minion, Mr. Fibuli; a perfect threesome! It would have been even more perfect had Lalla Ward been there, and not Mary Tamm, but one can't have everything, can one?
  3. My love for "Warrior's Gate" (3 Jan. – 24 Jan. 1981) isn't really defensible. But love it I do. The surrealism of E-space, of the leonine Tharils (who look rather cheesy on subsequent viewings, but looked remarkable when I first saw it; I know, I have no idea), of going through a looking glass into the past, or maybe just sideways in time ... it was irresistible for me, as was Romana's decision to stay with the Tharils and fight the good fight.
  4. (And we're not going to mention the Fifth Doctor adventure "Earthshock" (8 March –16 March 1982)  because it might still give me that hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach if I think about it. I still remember BB and I looking at each other at the end of it, absolutely gobsmacked by the dramatic decision, and the way they pulled it off. Also, I still miss Adric; I put that down, at this point in my life,  to having been the mother of a teenager, although it doesn't explain why I liked him so much originally.)
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