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Dept of Vacation, End Thereof

I Like Salt
And therefore, salt mines are good. It's back to them tomorrow, after one week of unpaid vacation, starting with an interview at 10:15 a.m. With a police officer. About traffic safety programs. I am excited.

And what have we done on vacation, she asked herself, using the royal "we" for the benefit of literary pomposity ...
  • We have learned that we have arthritis, and that we have carpal tunnel syndrome. We will learn over the next two weeks whether we have anything else that might be adding to the pain that makes our hands, knuckles and wrists occasionally ungovernable and even unusable at various times of day. In the meantime, the Celebrex isn't working nearly as well as we'd hoped. We have avoided thinking about the fact that buying groceries, and picking up heavy bags thereof appear to be less possible now than they once were; that wringing out cleaning cloths and face cloths? Ditto. Cleaning up around the house? Ditto again. As for buttoning shirts? Fuck. We are ... we are in pain and not happy.
  • We have played with the cats a lot. Which is a good thing.
  • We have set up the carpet people to come over and give us an estimate on carpet fixin' costs.
  • We have decided to stop using we because, while we may be a diva, we sure as hell aren't no royalty.  I haven't gotten much of anything done. Almost no writing on "Hearts and Moons" beyond the first three paragraphs of Chapter 13. I did get a rockin' time line chart set up so that I know when my characters are doing what. Continuity fairy won't get pissed with me this time. Or at least I think I'll minimize her wrath. So that's something, right? It has color coding ... color coding!  
  • I haven't written anything about my reactions to the last two or three Doctor Who episodes I've seen, even though I've liked or loved all of them, for various reasons. (In fact, Vincent and the Doctor shall hereinafter be known in this household as The One That Makes kaffyr Smile And Cry Every Time, Including About the Blind Space Chicken Who Actually Was Rather Interesting.) I've started writing things, and then never finished them, because my thoughts won't come together. They have far too much of a tendency to get addled these days. But damnit, I really do want to talk about them.
  • did bake bread today, make some cucumber raita and some very, very hot pico de gallo. The bread burned, which did not please me, no, not at all. Still, it did get made, and it is edible, and I managed to make it despite the hands hating me for it. I am not - I repeat not - going to stop making bread by hand, even if my hands don't like it.
  • And I spent time with BB, and time spent with my Best Beloved is always to be treasured.
Time to go to bed, woman. You have salt to mine tomorrow.

Tags: carpet, cats!, dr. who, fanfic, home stuff, pain, writer's block

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