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Dept. of Crap, Crappity Crap

Happy Frakkin' Tuesday
Fun the first: Woke up with stomach cramps, to the point  where I couldn't have my first cup of coffee, and everything that was down there wanted to leave the premises (no damn way did I let that happen.)  Kept going back to bed for 15 minutes, hoping things would settle. They didn't, so I had to cancel a meeting I'd needed to go to. Crap, crappity crap.

Fun the second: Last week, the wire shelving in our bedroom closet fell down, taking our closet rod, and all our hanging clothes with it. Living with piles of clothing, and boxes (and an old portable typewriter, three vacuum-packed sacks of clothing, and god knows what else) from the shelving for two and a half days felt unsettlingly like living in my First Born's disaster area bedroom. But by Sunday night - and after one unexpected trip out to two different hardware stores to get some unexpectedly necessary parts - everything was fixed, and everything was back in place. Yes, there were a couple of pieces that I was not certain should have been reused, but everything seemed in order. Until this afternoon, while I was still sleeping and the whole damned thing came down again. Where it will stay for the next few days, because on Friday we have people coming to fix the concrete in the front hall. Finally.

So now I have to go to bed and get up early and get twice as much done tomorrow. Crap. Oh, wait; it's already tomorrow.

Tags: home stuff, life in the circus

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