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Go Here, She Said
To be more specific, go and read this excellent, and beautifully written, essay on Steven Moffat, on Dr. Who, and on "The Beast Below," by malsperanza . Actually, this is more than an essay; it's a contemplation on the nature of, and belief in, wonder and terror  and how the two are the obverse of each other.
(Here's just a taste: "Moffat is much given to statements like "Don't blink. Blink and you're dead" and explaining that houses have rooms that you can only see out of the corner of your eye, and that the cracks in walls are rifts in time-space. Here Be Monsters. Things that appear to be inanimate have lives (often not happy ones) and thoughts (often not nice ones), and therefore we should take the universe a lot more seriously than we do. ... This is Tolkien country, where there is a willow grows aslant a brook not in order to be picturesque and pastoral, but to eat you if you are so foolish as to come too near.")
She sees patterns here, and draws us to watch those patterns, and urges us to think. I like it a great deal. I don't agree with all of it, and I hope to be able to make a coherently-written response, either over there, or here. In the meantime, however, more people need to see what she's written.

Tags: dr. who, fandom, meta, writing

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