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Skiffy Is Worldwide

Winner of "Best Use of The Clash For Fannish Reasons" prize in videography ....
... goes to the team who created this beauty, a fannish promotion from the folks bidding to hold the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention in London. Many thanks to [info]autographedcat , who brought it to the attention of the doctorwho  community, with the comment that the video was made of "pure hammered awesome." That is most elegantly, and accurately, put. It makes me want to save my shillings for a 2014 trip to the right side of the Atlantic. Firstly, because the first and only time I went to England was to attend the 1979 Worldcon, and secondly because ... The Clash! Day of the Triffids, The Prisoner, Harry Potter, V, 28 Days Later, and Doctor Who! (And others, too — if anyone can ID the animation clips, I'd be grateful.) It's a winning combination, neh?
Tags: dr. who, fandom, skiffy, woo-hoo!

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