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This and That
This: I watched what I believe was the first episode of the second series of Merlin on Skiffy tonight. It is, apparently, not for me, not even taking into consideration all the fun of playing BBC Bingo (and its subset of DW Bingo) with the actors. No, not even Anthony Head. I am too distracted by the wretched writing and the indifferent acting. This leaves me confused, since folks I like and respect have gone - oh, FFS, since it's been appropriated by a pop singer, I suppose I can't even use the phrase "gone gaga" can I? Well, then, folks I like and respect really enjoy the show. Me? Nope. When I can honestly say I found the season 2 premiere of Stargate: Universe more interesting (!) I can also honestly wipe Merlin from my schedule. And I was prepared to like it, historically inaccurate cheese and all, too. Pity.
That: Proof that having the brains to be a Doctor does not automatically provide one with a gut understanding of the Hippocratic oath. I was also disappointed at the results of the poll connected to the story, specifically the low percentage of people who clicked the "it doesn't matter what you believe, doing that's unethical" button.
The Other: Much editing work awaits me tomorrow. Also a phone interview and some actual writing for work.
The Final: Helloooo to Minicon folks, and all the ships at sea. Have fun, my various dears.
Tags: evil shit, politics, reporting, skiffy, television, writing

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