kaffy_r (kaffy_r) wrote,

Natal Excellence

Happy Birthday, mostlikely2 .

Sometimes there are writers who can connect with readers with breathtaking immediacy because they seem to have the gift of saying "This is what I feel; this is who I am; this is what I have experienced. I am your brother, and we share this world, and I share some of your heart."

Sometimes there are writers who take readers to new places, who say "Look out beyond yourself; consider this possibility; don't be afraid at the fear or discomfort, push pass it and look at what you'll find on the other side."

Sometimes there are writers who see connections between themselves and others, between the roots and trunk and limbs and leaves of the tree of the universe, between heart and soul, between groin and brain, between heaven and hell, between the soup and the nuts (because they know how to laugh, too.)

Sometimes there are writers who love, and demand, and grieve, and rejoice, and are hard on their readers, and embrace them, and take them on the same dangerous, wonder-ful journey they are trying to navigate for themselves.

Rarely do they come together in one person.

They do in you.

May this year be full of challenge and success, of grace and laughter, both personally and professionally.

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