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Updates, updates, updates, and good movies.

Glacial Movement Is Glacial. But Movement.
     I have managed to complete one more piece of editing that had been gazing sullenly at me from the corner of my email pile, thus proving to myself that all the wrinkles in my brain have not yet been ironed flat. Go, me.
    Of course, there remains a second editing task for someone else, and to tell you the truth,  I'm more than a little intimidated by its particular glower. Perhaps bourbon over the rocks tomorrow night will help me approach the task? One finger's worth only, otherwise it would prove counterproductive, I imagine.
    The Help_Haiti fic ... I'm going to get at least two or three paragraphs done before I hie me to bed tonight. That's evidence of good faith, neh?
    And for anyone in the U.S. who has access to Turner Classic Movies on cable, check out their Tuesday nights for what remains of March. Tuesday is Kurosawa night and tonight I saw a flick of his that I'd not seen before, The Bad Sleep Well. I admit that I knew the plot, so I pretty well knew what was coming, and it isn't my favorite of his non-historical or non-fantasy movies (that honor still goes to Stray Dog, I think), but it was still pretty darned good.
    Besides, it starred Toshiru Mifune and featured the man who may be my favorite male member of Kurosawa's acting troupe, Takashi Shimura. The latter is known with great affection at Casakaffyr as Old Fish Lips because of his incredibly mobile mouth, and loved by everyone here because of the strength and range of his acting skills, and the great dignity with which he can imbue the best of his characters (of the Kurosawa movies I've seen him in, that would be the lead samurai in Seven Samurai, the lead detective in Stray Dog and the doctor in Drunken Angel. I also liked him in the Japanese version of Gojira.) And even the slime balls he portrays, like the one in The Bad Sleep Well are memorable. I think I actually adore Shimura more than I do Mifune, which is saying a lot.
     (That isn't too disrespectful a word to apply to a Kurosawa movie, is it? Flicks? No?)
     Anyhow, yeah ... Kurosawa month on TCM. Watch, damn it!
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