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Christmas Update

Yule Light
  • The tree is now bedecked with lights, with more to come tomorrow, once the branches have settled some more; after that, the ornaments!
  • The boxes of decorations are up from the basement and the wreath is on the front door, Hazel the armless, legless mannequin has her Santa hat on. and the big King Nutcracker - heavy enough to brain someone with were I that unmannerly - is on the mantle. The mistletoe and candles will follow tomorrow.
  • The Christmas dinner menu is set, and the grocery lists are set as well. I go get the goose tomorrow morning and pick up the ham tomorrow afternoon. I'll make bread tomorrow night, and probably some on Thursday morning when I start cooking the side dishes.
  • There's holiday music on - everything from a boys choir singing "Oh Come, Emmanuel" to Riders in the Sky singing "Christmas at the Harmony Ranch." And I'm singing along, except in those moments where I get lumps in my throat or tears in my eyes.
  • We made sure we knew where our copy of "It's a Wonderful Life" is. That gets watched Christmas Eve. It won't be Christmas without Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.
  • Bob is smiling. I am smiling. The cats are sleeping. Thank you, universe.
Tags: family, holiday fun, home stuff

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