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Weather or Not

Cold, Warm, Frigid and Frosty
Here in the chilly Sahara that is our condo right now - goodness, but dry cold makes for unhappy skin - I have come to the realization that when I am cold, I get tired really quickly. And it is unpleasantly cold here in Chicago. I do not begrudge the weather gods, because it has been (to my ecologically wary mind, anyhow) far too warm this fall. We were having mid-50s in December, folks, and that's not good. Still, it is more than time for BB and I to haul out the shrink wrap for our domicile windows. A job for the weekend; until then, I shall simply stay under the covers.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of folks who make me feel warm all over.
.dr_whuh and art_tastic , both beloved of my heart.)
(The amazing fredcritter with the amazing 12 string, Windycon)
Followed below by the Divine K, a most particularly fine demiurge, and next to her? Why, mizzlaurajean; both were gracing Windycon.)

(Erik, looking dubious, Windycon)
(l-r: Alex, Phil and Opie. They're the best there is at what they do.)
Tags: cats!, family, fandom

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