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updates, updates, updates

In Which Our Heroine is Sad, Mad, and Stupid, but Gets Better.
Oh, And Sees a Play
And we'll start with the play. On Sunday, I went to see "All the Fame of Lofty Deeds", presented by House Theater of Chicago at Chopin Theater with[info]carnyjack and [info]gerisullivan (who may still be in Chicago, courtesy of the sucky weather.) It was a delight to spend time with Geri, as always, despite the egg separator. And time with Jack is never less than time well spent.

As for the play itself, you can
read about it here and read a review of it here. My own review? The music was kick-ass, the set imaginative and visually strong, the actors all excellent. Seriously, they all worked their hearts out - the lead in particular (I waited for every scene between Lofty and the Tumbleweed, because those crackled with chemistry, quality and wit.) Some of the writing was pretty darned good.

The whole, however, was, to my mind, considerably less than the sum of its parts; it seemed as if I spent more time out of the story than I did in it. And its vaunted surreality didn't seem very surreal to me. Was it worth it? Oh, definitely. If you're in the Chicago area before December 20, and want to take in some intelligent (if not completely successful) theater, I'd suggest you try this one.

Moving back in time a couple of days, but only briefly: I sustained about 30 hours of a particularly bad episode of BAD - blitzkrieg anxiety and depression. I don't get them too often, at least not these days, since low-level chronic dysphoria is more my speed. I am very glad BB was around. He's brilliant, is my Bob.

And, as a reminder that I love the Internet, but am often a bear of very little brain and too much impulse about it, I inadvertently locked myself out of LiveJournal for about 14 hours. How did you do that, you ask? Simple — I didn't think to check LJ's copious and easily-accessed "technical issues we're dealing with currently" sites, didn't think to read LJ's regular updates more carefully, and therefore didn't realize that everyone was dealing with the notification glitch. It must be a problem with the email address I'd made my default address, I decided. And therefore, I must change my email address. Which I did.

One problem with that; you need to get a notification to complete the email change. Without getting the change notification, I couldn't post, because LJ didn't show me as having any email address. And of course, I couldn't get the notification because- yeah, I really was that much of an idiot. Now, however, I'm back on, and a much happier person, albeit one who has become rather more addicted to LJ than might be perfectly healthy.

Hmm. We've covered, mad, sad, and stupid, and the play. Alright, I think it's time for me to toddle off to bed.
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