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Reaching Out

Help, If You Can

Many of the people on my list - particularly those who are fellow Whoniverse fans - know, or know of, britgeekgrrl , aka fangrrl_squees .She's a talented, articulate, funny denizen of the world, and, to the extent we can all know each other via Teh Intarwebs and each other's writings, it is my honor and pleasure to know her.

If you know her, you also know that she lost her beloved husband today, to cancer. The loss was expected, but not this fast, and my heart is sore for her. She's chronicled the journey at her livejournal, but it comes down to this.

In this worst of all possible times, she has need, not only of good wishes and emotional support, but of financial and physical support. Since, as I've said, many of you already know of her and her sad news, you already know that donations are needed for many of the inescapable costs accompanying her loss. While at least one of the major costs has been covered - and the response by people all over the world is yet another reminder to me that People Can Be Good - she will have other needs, since the wolf who's been at so many of our doors over the years is still on her front step. The non-financial help is also critical.

Financial needs can be assuaged by donating to her paypal account; that address is
. Please consider donating (and note that there's less of a bite out of what you give if you mark it "gift" rather than anything else.) A lot of us are, as I mentioned, trying to push the wolf from our door, or at least make friends with him, but even a few dollars - perhaps the money you might have been planning to spend on that large pizza - can help.

For help of a more hands-on nature, particularly for folks in her West Coast neighborhood, there is Zod's Henchpersons, a group set up by friends of the family. It's a community built within this community-building model. Those who set it up also note that people can join who aren't in the immediate neighborhood, and can keep up with what's going on, what needs might be met long-distance, etc.

Please help - as I said at the top - If You Can and If You Want.

Thank you, everyone who has already done so and thanks t all of you who take the time to do so now.
Tags: doing good, dr. who, fandom, good people, pain

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