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Color me Pleased

Not bad, for a procrastinator
This weekend has been something less than a failiure, for which I am calmly, but sincerely, pleased. For one thing, I did manage to force myself to contact numerous carpet companies to get some more quotes for The Carpet Project. I'd been avoiding it, past the first company which provided us an estimate, for reasons known only to god's orphans. Now I can say that we have estimates, and an appointment this Wednesday to have a second company take a look at the place to give us a more concrete estimate. And then we can call the condo association. (I know. This should have been done four weeks ago. Point taken, noted, and tossed onto the muddled and messy desk of my mind.)

I also wrote a letter of condolence to someone I used to know well, and still like. She lost her husband a few weeks ago, and I had not taken the time to sit down and write her until today. It was another thing preying on my mind, particularly since we'd also somehow failed to return her telephone calls while she was in town about a week ago. I begged her forgiveness, and said those things that are necessary when a friend (or even a friendly acquaintance) is bereaved. Point in passing: Nothing anyone says to a survivor ever gets past the first blow of sorrow, but sometimes knowing other people are thinking of one can help just a little.

Aaand I finally answered an email sent to me two months ago. I doubt the information I sent to the persons in question will help them at this point, but it may, and if so, why then I'm happy. I apologized to them for being late (are we spotting a pattern here?) and wished them the best of luck in the project they were undertaking.

Now I plan to help with BB's latest phase of social security application prep, and have determined that I won't stop until it's done. Which, I sincerely hope will be prior to 10 p.m., because I'd like to get at least a little work done prior to falling into bed.

Wow, this is something less than fascinating, neh?
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