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Home, family, and suchlike.

Baking and Back to School
After a week's vacation, I am ... still not ready to go back to work. But that's what I shall do bright and early tomorrow morning in too few hours. Damn, I still haven't wrestled my sleep patterns back to something resembling those of a responsible grown-up. Ah well.

My final day of vacation was spent in the kitchen:
  • making a vaguely teriyaki-style marinade for round steak. Come tomorrow, it should be a decent stir fry;
  • putting together a yogurt, dill and mint dressing for two thinly sliced English cucumbers. That will be nice and refreshing tomorrow;
  • baking 18 blueberry buttermilk muffins. BB and I had too many of them for supper. They weren't as sweet as I like them, but they were flavorful;
  • baking two loaves of bread, which should hold us through to Thursday, when I'll do some more baking.
I've also slogged through more of Chapter 10 of Hearts and Moons, and can say with complete disgust that I managed to write a jaw-dropping  1,332 words. That comes out to, what, about 133 words per day. That sucks. Badly. At least I kept coming back to it, though.

And now? To bed.

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